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Set 22

AWAKENING ESSENTIALS 1 – Risveglia i sensi della tua anima

Settembre 22 - Settembre 23

AWAKENING ESSENTIALS 1 - Turn on the Senses of your Soul
Seminar with activations in the Temples: 8 people minimum

This profound inner alchemy process makes you aware of your "inner senses,” i.e. the senses of your soul. Through this faculties, the divine principle in you manifests its presence in your life, so that you can transform that which is human to that which is divine.

The seminar comprises several different phases of meditation and movement to reach a profound contact with the divine presence within you and expand your perception of reality. The usual sense of personal boundaries disappears in a deep communion, as the selfic field of loving intelligence makes it easy to feel that everything is connected in a profound and marvelous order. You are a part of it, and you have your unique, precious role to play.

An in-depth discussion of the senses of the soul, their use and their history provides a theoretical framework to understand the importance of this process, not only individually but also for the whole human species.

The process includes the activation of one subtle limbs, that is the re-building of energetic circuits connected to the chakras and the kundalini flow. Each subtle organ is a new connection to more effectively use the senses of your soul and direct your life force: an integrated energy body allows your inner power-plants to distill the appropriate alchemical substances to energetically feed the production of hormones and chemicals to move steadily towards Awakening.

As consciousness requires energy to manifest and grow, the activation process is completed inside the Temples of Humankind, an extraordinary work of sacred art built in a special power place, at a meeting point of four major cosmic energy lines, in the heart of a mountain. The Temples of Humankind provide the connection to the field of endless life force of the universe, so that the activations can take place and be stabilized.

Centrale di Damanhur (Piemonte, Italia)

Venerdì 22 Settembre

Sabato 23 Settembre

(Il programma è approssimativo e soggetto a variazioni).

Inglese e italiano

Per questo corso è richiesta una visita completa a Damanhur e ai Templi dell’Umanità (minimo mezza giornata).

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Settembre 22
Settembre 23
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